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Hi Guys, I’ve been preparing this blog (webpage) for many weeks. As you may notice, I had some problems to upload more content. Since this happened, I focused more in this page. I’ll try to upload as many MEGA links as I can in order to make the blog faster (if I upload the videos directly the page will turn slow). Don’t worry, there will not be URL shorteners.

Another great notice is the new FORUM. I’ve created a forum fo all of you. You just need to register and ask for new series and it’s also possible to publish more content. You can make some suggestions.

Check the latest update of The Layover [p. 105] (ONLINE) HERE

Check the latest update of Sorority Sisters (ONLINE) HERE

Solution for MEGA transfer quota !!!!!!

I know MEGA has annoying transfer quota limits. An easy solution is to use any VPN app (work for both pc an phones). Everytime your tranfer quota has exceeded the limit, you just change the location and you can continue watching. I’m still looking for better options of videos hosting in order to embed and dispaly it here. If you have any suggestions, write them in the comments 😀

If you have any complain o suggestion don’t doubt to communicate it through the forum or the comments. I always read you 😀

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