Update: Crossfire comic [COMPLETE] – HERE

Welcome to The Ed G Sem Blog:

After some days I finished re-designing The Ed G Sem Blog. Now the series are more organized and the comics will be posted completely online. Previously the videos coudlnt’t be seen easily in the website. Now I’m using this “dood” video hosting to post them. Some drawbacks are that this displayer has many pop ads at the beginning (just close them and stay in the blog), after that the video run smoothly both in phone and pc. (Try not to pause, ads will appear). I know this solution may not be the best but the revenews of the ads are not much to pay a better video host, I can barely cover the webhost and domains 🙁 .

About the comics, all of them will be posted online. I think that the solution is to remove the account system, there was many spam. So, I’ll find another way to be in touch with all of you.

I wanted to re-open the Blog ASAP so I’ll be uploading the animations and comics progressively. Don’t worry, I’ve read your comment and I know the priorities.

Hope you enjoy it <3

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