– New Forum created
– THE END?, as you may have seen, all the media had to be removed due to “Copyright” issues. Now we are where we started, empty blog :C — I have some ideas, I’ll explain them down in this page. Give me your comments in the forum pls.

Update: New Category, Videos!! – HERE

Welcome to The Ed G Sem Blog:

These days I’ve been thinking about the future of the blog. The old folks may remeber how this all started with some videos in my Youtube channel. Later on, I’d be creating a blog where I could better organize the media. It took a lot of time to learn how to set-up a website but now here we are. Recently I had to delete all the media due to Copyright issues, of course it had to eventually happen. Now there’ll be a “category” where you could find some access to the old media, it won’t be as good as how we were working (maybe just some links) but may work.

What await us? I’m not sure about this but I’ve realized that displaying comics was better than the videos. So for now I was planing to post related comics, ofc only good ones. Hope you enjoy them. About the videos, I was thinking about x^3 videos, idk if you’d like those. I haven’t find other artist that makes animations. I was also thinking of including the donation button again to obtain and share that new material.

Finally, I’ll be reworking the website these days. Please give your comments throught the forum.

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