In this part I will publish indisctinc content about comics. I know that not only SF make comics. That’s why in this post I will post comics related from other authors. I don’t know so much about this, that’s why I hope you could support me seaarching for comics and other titles. 

About Sapphirefoxx Comics

As you may now the central character in the SapphireFoxx Universe is the Fox, Alistair Huntington (as is his name of origin). It has been the focal point of many comics over the years. The Fox’s origins have been largely unknown, but more and more is surfacing about him through Awakening and The King’s Heirs. Fox is approximately 600 years old, but his exact age is not known with precision.

About other comics

I know there is not enough information to make an abstract, but I’ll try my best to explain it. In this section you’ll find comics about similar topics, obiously. I’ll try to post comics that have a good plot. This means that most of them might be a quite long. However, I think the work of posting it will worth. 

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